Relax and crochet

Each year my hubby and I spend some days in Tyrolia to relax in the hot springs. This year we are lucky to be there when the weather is really cold and the mountains surrounding the pools are covered in snow. That’s the best weather to relax in the warm water while enjoying the gorgeous view. These couple of days are for getting into the Christmas spirit and slow down a little from the rush to finish all presents.

Relaxing also means that I am able to work on something other than my Christmas presents – I would not be able to take all the stuff needed for those with me. I have finished already three presents and even handed over two so I felt confident that I can work on something for myself for a while. Remember that box of squishiness that came while I was working on my Ross Poldark? The one for my Spirits of the Orchid wrap? While probably every other participant of the CAL has almost finished theirs I had postphoned starting it myself – until now. Those nice little balls of yarn are perfect for taking with you wherever you are going. People looked a little bit strangely at me though at the pool. Until now I have finished part one but I had to take the picture earlier in order to have sufficient light. I really love the yarn – it’s so soft snd drapes gorgeously. This actually is just what I had wished for for my Hygge.


Start of Christmas baking season

Until now I finished two of five Christmas presents – with that speed I might not be finished on time. Though I am a little time pressured I decided that this week was the kick off of the Christmas baking season. Even though that means a whole weekend preparing dough and baking cookies and therefore not working on my WIPs. I only finished half of all recipes I wanted to make but I am quite proud nevertheless.

I started with one of the recipes that I love every year – stamping cookies. They are very easy to make but taste great and look nice with a festive stamp. Next my hubby wanted me to create some hazelnut truffles based on a recipe of his mother – and as it is a very old recipe it is definitely not suitable for dieting 😂. They taste so great though that you actually have to be very careful only to eat one at a time.

Next I tried some recipes from the book “Cookies” by Cynthia Barcomi. Some thumpprint variations with and without hazelnuts. They are fille with either blueberry-cranberry marmelade or orange-ingwer jam. I have not taken a bit from those yet but they look great too so they cannot be too bad ;).

Finally – from the same book – I picked chocolate crinkle cookies in two variations: one patch is with Espresso and one without. I never did those before and was a little scared that they might not work out but they came out nice and crinkled.

Who else is baking and enjoying the smell of freshly baked goodness?

A box (no troll included)

19D00C4B-DBF4-468B-91B4-03100666EA46At the moment I am waiting for some supplies to actually start working on the Christmas presents. I have finished practicing and need to get serious soon in order to finish on time. A big box was delivered on Friday but the second part is still missing – and this contains some essentials without which I just cannot start. So once again I was looking for some in-betweeners – small projects that I can finish fast or can set aside if my mail arrives.

For quite some time I wanted to make a small box for my bathroom to store things nobody should see right away neatly out of sight but still easily accessible. AE08E175-A26A-4A3C-9201-A03144C0E08FPreviously I had made a quick paper box but paper and moist air don’t go together well. Then I read about plastic canvas boxes and I like the look of them very much. I still had some plastic canvas for cross stitching and it was actually enough for the box I had in mind. My bathroom’s main colour is blue – so I picked the left over yarn from Ross Poldark and set to work. The yarn was not the best choice as it is very fluffy but I like the soft finish it creates. I winged the pattern starting from the middle and continued symmetrically. On the sides I copied the pattern but kept it straight. The only problem I had was that the plastic canvas I used was a little bit to thin – the edges started to tilt inwards. So I added some wires inside on the top edge and now it holds it’s shape. I love my new box – even though there’s no box troll included….

Book review: The Library at Mount Char

As I am currently working on things that I am not able to show you just yet, I start a new post series on one of my favourite subjects: books…..


  • written by:  Scott Hawkins
  • ISBN: 978-0-553-41862-0
  • published by: Broadway Books
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Fantasy, Horror
  • Rating: 5/5
  • German version: –


Carolyn is a little bit odd – but still less odd than the others she is living with in the Invisible Library. They have been living there since they were little after a catastrophy nearly wiped out the whole area. Only a couple of kids were safed by Father and trained by him to become experts in their field. Like Carolyn in languages or Michael in animals as well as fields like war for David or death for Margaret. Hardly anybody would know about the Library and get in contact with them, so social competence has definitely not been on their list of studies. But then Father disappears and they are all locked out of the library by a very destructive barrier. The weird group is on their own now struggling to find out what happened to Father and how to get back inside the library. And there is Steve, a guy with a black spot in his past, who struggles hard to be a good guy – which is not easy when he meets Carolyn. Or Erwin, a war veteran and cop who does not always play to the rules and just knows that something fishy is going on – and Carolyn is involved in it somehow.

My opinion:

First thing you need to know is that I usually don’t do horror – I just don’t because I am such a scardy cat that I can’t sleep for weeks afterwards. I picked this book up in the fantasy section of my favourite book store. I read the plot on the back and found it interesting – definitely not mainstream fantasy. When I started reading – there on the beach in Filitheyo Island – it was like “Hell, what? Really? What have I gotten myself into? How can someone even think of writing that”. It’s hard to understand without having read it but I just could not put this book down: it’s weird – a lot – and gross – in a lot of chapters – but it is written so well and the story evolves in so many unsuspected jumps and leaps that it’s a fascinating read. I just needed to know what happened to Father and how everything fits together. Kudos to the author for coming up with such an unespected gemstone which is definitely not for the feable hearted or for kids.




DIY Gift wrapping paper storage

48207BE2-858F-4EEB-868F-7B3098FDAD27Last week I already outed myself as being early for Christmas this year. Well, thinking about presents always ends in thinking about how to wrap up packages. And the continuous question: do I have enough wrapping paper or do I need to buy some? Of course I could have just gone and bought some – just in case as every year – but this time I wanted to actually check out what I still have at home.  I can tell you that I was not much amused about what I actually found. I had stacked everything just in the corner of my craft room and it was not easy to get a special wrapper paper out. What a mess!

19321AB4-B612-4D91-BEC9-DFF4388A5343So of course I wouldn’t be me if I would not come up with an idea how to clean up this self-made chaos. I remembered a project I had read about on someone else’s blog – sadly I did not save the link so I actually do not know any more where exactly. I would love to give credit where credit is due.

For the storage you need:

  • some round boxes: as I had eaten quite a lot of muesli and had kept the boxes I was set with that easily
  • some wrapping paper: honestly, I was making this storage for wrapping paper so I definitely had enough of that …
  • some glue
  • a ruler and a craft knife for measuring and cutting the wrapping paper to size
  • a glue gun

2DFE253A-07C8-42D6-937E-104202015D31The process is quite simple: take a measure of the size of your box – height and all way round – and cut a piece of wrapping. paper to the same size. It’s best to calculate some overlap going round so that you do not by accident end up too short. Then glue the paper on to the box – you can use the same paper for all boxes or play around with different papers. Be as creative as you like – there’s no right or wrong in this. Next clue the boxes together – with your glue gun put a strip from top to botton on the box you want to add and press both boxes together. In case you have two contact points when adding a box, put a stripe on both – just check without glue where you need to put it. You could actually do some maths to figure it out or just wing it like I did. Keep adding as many boxes as you like – or have. In the end you can store your rolls of wrapping paper easily in your boxes. You can differ between Christmas and birthday papers and whatever else you have in your stash.

Now I definitly know that I really don’t need to buy wrapping paper for Christmas ….

Getting ready for holiday season

497CBF25-1108-4E4E-8D53-00EAAC71028FOutside it’s getting colder and more gray every day. That’s the time of the year when I snuggle up with a blanket and a cup of tea and get ready for hibernation – well this year I am starting to think about Christmas and the holiday season. Each and every year I come up with a new idea for my hubby’s advent calendar. It does not need to contain much – just some chocolate sweets.

I stumbled over this cute little advent calendar pattern from @melly.elly.crochet that was posted at Hobbycraft. It contains 24 little stockings that are large enough for small chocolates like Milka minis or similar. Just perfect and really not difficult at all. It was a quick and easy in-between project. Aren’t those little stockings cute?

BE61EC97-DCC2-4D68-8867-001B5B0AB5B5Now I am actually starting to work on some Christmas presents. Something totally different and new. Sadly they are top secret as I know that the receipients are reading this blog too. So no preview this time…

FAL finish: Ross Poldark

This week I finished the gorgeous blanket by Catherine Bligh – the Ross Poldark. I had only the middle square left to do as well as all the joining and the border. I decided to do an alternative border as the originial one was a little bit to flimsy to suit my hubby. I went for a plain moss stitch with just some colour accent. It fits the blanket well in my opinion. However when I was finished I realized that it was way to small for my tall husband. No way he can snuggle into it when it get‘s cold – it hardly covers his legs. I am so frustrated! Not sure how I will sollve this issue – I can add to it but at the moment I don‘t have the heart for it. Maybe I just leave it like that and make another one – one that‘s big enough for him.


Now with a project finished, I was again looking for something to do next. Even though I should continue finishing WIPs, I decided to start something new for the upcoming holiday season. I‘ll give you a sneak peek to what will be up next week.