Sheepjes CAL 2017: Hygge

I know, I know – I had this new year’s resolution to not start too many new projects but focus on finishing all those UFOs in my to do bag. Well, I have been doing pretty well already this year, so my resolution started to waver when I first heard about Hygge, the 2017 crochet-along organized by Sheepjes. Hygge is the danish word for “coziness” – the one like sitting next to the fireplace with a nice warm blanket, a cup of tea, a good book and some creative project right at hand while chatting with one or two very good friends.

Therefore the result of this CAL is going to be a wrap designed by Kirsten Ballering and isn’t it beautiful? Not only is it using techniques I have not tried before like crocheting with different colors or cross stitch on crochet, but the color choices are also lovely. Actually it has four different color sets which can be bought as a package – with some nice little add-ons. And you can also just pick your own set of colors and hop on directly.

I struggled hard – really hard – not to give it a go but then I just had to give in. I picked the limited edition Danish Mermaid package because of those lovely blues and greens and ordered it at the wool dealer of my choice, Lesandria. Then followed a really hard time: I joined the Facebook group and saw all those crazily beautiful packages showing up. I was so envious! Though it was also fun to watch people almost fighting over available kits – it had such a stereotypical black Friday sale feeling 🙂

img_0179But then, guess what – I finally received my own shiny package! See this beauty – isn’t she one pretty mermaid? Can’t wait for the CAL to start, as we are a bunch of totally crazy crochet geeks (some have even bought all four sets, can you believe that!) from all around the world who will have lots of fun together for sure. Now I need to get prepared – the CAL will already start on February 15th!

You will definitely will see much more of Hygge soon – it’s set up to run for 14 weeks at least 😉

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