More Hygge time (Scheepjes Cal 2017)

Time flies by quickly and I have another two weeks progress on my Danish Mermaid Hygge shawl.

This time it started with the first new technique for me: surface crochet. It’s really not that difficult –  but have you tried a zick-zack pattern freehand before? I thought that I could just wing it and how cool was it that I ended up with ten peaks just as I was supposed to have. I was so proud of myself – until I started the second line of the separator. What laugh I had when I realized that in order to have ten peaks in the end, I should have five peaks for each line. Frogging time!

IMG_0211The next section was stitching and this was pretty simple for me. It’s quite easy to stitch on crochet fabric – it just takes a little bit of concentration in order to ensure ecen stitches. I was not sure of the colour choice however – I still believe that this section lacks a bit concerning the colours as the stars just don’t show that well against the dark base colour.

IMG_0234Some participants crochet in advance what they think they will need the next week but I had other things to do anyway – such as working on the birthday cake I posted last week – that I was glad that I had a little break in between the weekly pattern releases. And guess what – my beloved separator had a come back. You might think that as soon as you had done it once it would be easier to do it again. Well, not with the separator – that’s for sure. I messed it up again and had to unravel the first line too as I found I had somehow lost a stitch on the base crochet. It’s kind of wierd that even though it’s just single stiches, sometime you just loose a stitch.  And Sheepjes Stonewash is terrible to unravel. I got a lot of practicing this time. I love how the cross stitched hearts ended up however – those really make you forget all the pain you suffered from till you got this far.


Now I have already a piece that slightly starts to look like a wrap. Just can’t wait for the next weeks – though more cross stitch will be coming up for sure and I need to calculate enough time for that.  Now in between the weeks I will get a little bit into spring feeling – so look forward to what’s coming up next week!

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