Preparing the canvas on my Hygge (Sheepjes CAL 2017)

IMG_0241One thing is for sure – each week a new part of the hygge pattern is released and then we are all happily crocheting along around the world 🌎 – some faster, some slower, some following the pattern, some doing their own thing. I am still sticking to the original and loving the design so far.

This week we started off with a nice band of clover-like flowers which this time really pop. I now do not regret picking this colour scheme because it all starts to fit together well. After that part however came the bad part.

IMG_0248For me its quite hard to only do single crochet stitches. I find it quite boring for my mind and therefore have a tendency to loose stitches. But the middle part of the Hygge is approaching which means quite a lot of cross stitching is coming my way. I am so looking forward to this – however preparing the canvas with 50 rows of plain and simple single crochet gave me the fright. In order to prevent myself from loosing focus on my stitch counts, I decided to use a trick I had learned a long time ago for repeating patterns of doilies – I carry a bright yarn with my stitches at a certain frequence and therefore always know exactly where I am. Even when my lovely hubby disturbes my counting 🙂

As you can see it worked well and was much easier than counting the whole row every time. Now half of the canvas is prepared – sadly I need to make the second half too. So I am off for the next 50 rows of single crochet.


3 thoughts on “Preparing the canvas on my Hygge (Sheepjes CAL 2017)

    1. Actually I never was a fan of hoops as I always been left with stretched fabric. I lay it flat with one habd front and one back and carefully stitch ensuring that the stitches are not too tight. Sheepjes Stonewashed would be too thick for any hoop I have available anyhow 🙂

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