Hygge and Running

IMG_0288Here’s another update on my Hygge. As mid time is past, every week is kind of short in comparison. The first part was a group of nice green flowers which were fun to make. And I even now get the separator right from the start without any help. Its kind of weird to know that there will only be two more of them to do after this week …

IMG_0292The second part was some bright green squares. I love the contrast of those two parts – they really pop as much as I like then to pop. Now only two more panels until the final bobbel part – not sure yet, if I stick to the design or copy week one for an even look. I am not even sure if I’ll wear it as a wrap as honestly it’s pretty heavy by now. And I still need to go shopping for some fabric to line it with – oh dear, as if I would need an excuse to go fabric shopping :).

The rest of the weekend I spent with something totally different. I have started to run again last year together with a friend and a colleague of mine convinced us to join in the relay marathon. Due to several illness related breaks in training, I was way behind my training plan but the great atmosphere at the Vienna City Marathon really kept me going. Personal best for a distance of 9,5km – and even a glimse at the elite runners as they past me by while waiting for my friend. Together we were better than we expected – we only missed the 5h by some tiny seconds. Now we have a new goal for next year 😜

Hoppy Easter!

pattern by lalylala

It’s this time of the year again, when young ones go outside in order to search for bright and colourful eggs and sweets. I become sentimental every year as I remember how eager I was watching my mother each easter when I was a kid in order to catch her hiding our sweets in the garden. I was never successful though – it must have been some mother-superpower.

This year however I caught something – it was hopping past my window and was looking to hide some bright eggs in my living room. It had a fluffy tail,  some really long ears and a wiggly nose. I gave it a carrot and it dropped some chocolate eggs as an exchange.

IMG_0280Additionally I was working on the next two squares of my Nuts about Roses blanket. The second design was Spiro Star by the fabulous designer Helen Shrimpton. This pattern really looks so beautiful when finished but it has some nice challenge in it. I will never be a fan of a triple treble that’s for sure. I was uncertain until now about my color choice – especially that really bright pink is usually so not me. But I love how it all comes together. I think that it really depends on how you arrange the squares next to each other to make it work. I can’t wait to have all squares finished so that I can arrange them.

IMG_0286The third one was called Denna by designer Polly Plum.  This one is currently my absolut favourite design. Not only do my colors work perfectly together in these squares, they were also easy and fun to make.  But every time I see those squares now, I have this song line creeping into my head – x-ses and o-s ……

Now I have to wait again until Thursday for the next pattern to be released. In the meantime I’ll finish the next parts of Hygge and there might be some time again to work on my Sophie.

Until then – happy hoppy easter everyone!

Hygge Midtime (Sheepjes CAL 2017)

IMG_0283Today I am feeling a little bit sentimental. It’s kind of weird how much I came to love the time I spent on my Hygge. And it is sad that this time is pretty close to reaching an end. I am now more than halfway done and have been working very hard on the middle panel of the shawl. I am not a noob concerning cross stitch but this panel really had it in for me.

It was worked in two parts – therefore after the first week I left some threads for the second part. A couple less ends to weave in. Honestly, I was glad about even the tiniest amount of that! It felt like I was weaving in one million ends and it was driving me crazy.  But the final result was so worth the effort. Those tiny details work so well together and make the otherwise quite heavy wrap visually light.

IMG_0282Look at all those tiny details – even a sweet little bird is hidden in the design. I was worried that the light colors would make it blend in too much but it’s perfect.

When I prepared my canvas I was risky enough to already do the separator at the end. I was spot on – not even the slightest mistake in counting on that one!

Now next time there will be smaller parts again and I am happy about that as Nuts about Squares really takes a lot time.  Two big projects at a time is more than enough for me at the moment and that really means something 😜.


Sophie meets Nuts about Roses

IMG_0259This week was really busy. It all started with preparing my happy crafty space on my balcony. I cleaned it up and set up a bunch of nice new flowers which will look lovely as soon as they bloom. Of course my balcony is also providing some fruit and veggies – I love to harvest them every year. Now I will have strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, cherries and tomatos to look forward to. Now I can sit in the sun and watch everything grow while I enjoy working on my projects.

IMG_0263As Hygge usually does not take all time every week I started another project in between. It’s Sophie’s Universe – a pattern I fell in love with when seeing all those gorgeous finished projects on facebook. I just wanted to look if I could do it, so I didn’t want to buy new yarn. I found a long forgotten stash of old yarn – so old that it is actually discontinued – and decided that it would do for practicing. I only have two colours but I like how it works out. The whool actually has a little sparkle which doesn’t show in the picture and is super soft. I hope that I have enough yarn for a suitable size but at the moment I still have a lot left.

On Friday it then happened – the Nuts about Squares CAL started! My friends Amigurumi_crazeiiim and I got together in real life and had fun with the first square while chatting and sipping a lot of prosecco. Maybe the later was the reason why we actually didn’t get far with our square that evening. I finished mine this weekend – I just needed to see if my colour choice for Nuts about Roses worked out. I am a little concerned with the heavy usage of the bright pink in the third square but I’ll wait and see how it all looks in the end.


On Saturday I was in for something totally different but nevertheless so creative that I really need to share it with you. My hubby has gifted me with VIP tickets for the currently presented Cirque de Solei show Amaluna. He knows that I love Cirque de Solei since the first time I have seen it and really tries to get tickets every time it comes to town. I so ❤️ him for that. This year the seats where so perfect – right in front of the stage and next to the aisle where the artist passed by (and overhead 😍). The show was so fantastic – the story, the costumes, the music ..  and the artists were so amazing, I could not stop smiling in awe the whole time. But the best situation was when in the end the artists received a standing ovation. In the minute they realized that people started to stand up, their faces lit up so much and there was this special sparkle in their eyes – this was one of those tears-in-my-eyes moments, as I was so happy for them too. That’s exactly why we are creating things – do make  others happy. And to see that you actually achieved that and that others value your work – that’s the greatest moment in the whole creative process.