Hygge Midtime (Sheepjes CAL 2017)

IMG_0283Today I am feeling a little bit sentimental. It’s kind of weird how much I came to love the time I spent on my Hygge. And it is sad that this time is pretty close to reaching an end. I am now more than halfway done and have been working very hard on the middle panel of the shawl. I am not a noob concerning cross stitch but this panel really had it in for me.

It was worked in two parts – therefore after the first week I left some threads for the second part. A couple less ends to weave in. Honestly, I was glad about even the tiniest amount of that! It felt like I was weaving in one million ends and it was driving me crazy.  But the final result was so worth the effort. Those tiny details work so well together and make the otherwise quite heavy wrap visually light.

IMG_0282Look at all those tiny details – even a sweet little bird is hidden in the design. I was worried that the light colors would make it blend in too much but it’s perfect.

When I prepared my canvas I was risky enough to already do the separator at the end. I was spot on – not even the slightest mistake in counting on that one!

Now next time there will be smaller parts again and I am happy about that as Nuts about Squares really takes a lot time.  Two big projects at a time is more than enough for me at the moment and that really means something 😜.



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