I have been nominated *happy dance*

Light Dotted

As I already hinted in my last post, I have been nominated for the Liebster Award.  I have not heard about that award before but I am a newbie to the world of serious blogging, so I still have a lot to learn. It’s an award from bloggers for bloggers and was created so that people get to know new bloggers.

My nomination came from fellow blogger Tracy of It’s a T-Sweets day! and I want to thank her with all my heart. Every time I read her blog, I feel like she is a kindred spirit. She seems to have the same creative interests – quilting, crocheting, traveling, cooking, … And when I see the gorgeous quilting projects, she is creating at the moment, I feel the urge to pick up some fabric and start up my sewing machine again myself. But what I find most amazing about her are her crazy crafty ideas – like setting up a doomsday preparation bucket (would never have thought about that myself) or organizing buttons by using safety pins (so simple but so never came to my mind). She is such an inspiration!

Now the rules of the award state that I have to get personal. I am supposed to state 10 facts about myself so that you get to know me a little. Here we go!

  • I am married to the love of my life for almost 15 years now. We knew each other already at school but then I would “never ever date him” – a fact over which we laugh still from time to time.
  • We actually got married a long way from home – in Mombasa, Kenya. And we stuck to celebrating our anniversaries abroad since then as we share the same passion for travelling.
  • I love to learn and am a strictly defender of the life-long-learning movement. I love plattforms like Coursera and EDX where you have access to a lot of courses on university level for free.
  • In primary school I hated crafting class – I was a cocky little girl and thought that I knew better than my teacher voicing my opinion loudly. Therefore I was forced to stand in front of the class and tell my classmates how it’s done correctly as a punishment. As I actually didn’t know anything at all, it was quite a sobering, embarrassing experience.
  • I started to get interested in crafts again when meeting my aunt years later. It was mostly crocheting but also some cross stitching and knitting. We spent hours together chatting, drinking coffee (lots of it!) and working on our projects. When we had a serious falling out, it took me a long time to actually pick up a crochet hook again.
  • I am very good at starting things but have a hard time sticking with something. I get distracted easily by new project ideas. This blog actually is kind of a therapeutic thing to get me to finish projects – and so far it is actually working quite well 😉
  • I am a book worm – I currently have over 1000 books at home (not counting ebooks) and have dedicated a whole room to them. It consists books on history (mainly Irish/Celtic), Wicca (I am a no longer practicing solitary), fantasy and sci-fi, classics, biology and psychotherapy (studied both but sadly never finished), management, requirements engineering and computer sciences (my daily business). I love my library!
  • I am a collect-o-holic – I collect patterns (currently over 400 on ravelry not to count the real printed one in books and journals at home), fabric (could make approximately 10 quilts right away without worrying) and yarn (2 projects on the go, another one waiting, a whole set of Catania colors for amigurumis and some really old yarn I recently found again).
  • I love console games – especially RPGs with a good storyline or great graphic design. And sadly I have to confess: I like to play Pokemon which has neither but just calls out to my collect-o-holic nature 🙂
  • My internet nickname is Silverwheel and has been choosen a long time ago. It is derived from Arianrhod, the Celtic goddess of the silver wheel, who is assoziated with the moon. I was always drawn to the moon and felt connected with the goddess right from the start. Might be because one other aspect of this moon goddess is called Brigidh – which is the origin of my real name.

Tracy is also curious about specific things and has provided the following questions to her nominees.

1.How did you get started quilting or sewing or crocheting?

I actually was forced to learn crocheting, knitting and sewing at school – girls where supposed to have crafting classes. I still envy the boys for learning to work with drilling machines and other “manly” machinery. I just never could get a hang on those. Quilting I taught myself 5 years ago – I stumbled over some beautiful projects in the internet, loved it at first sight and just tried it out.

2.If you could have one present, what would it be?

I have a great family, a handful of really good friends with whom I can have a lot of fun (those reading this know to whom this is referred <3) and a nice little cozy home of my own.  So the only thing that’s missing is a life-long supply of yarn and fabric. Yeah, that would be one nice present 🙂

3.What is your favorite sewing tool?

Definitely my Toyota sewing machine. It was a present from my husband about 12 years ago but I was too scared to use it then. I took it out when I learned quilting and love it since.  I always say, I don’t need a Ferrari (one of those fancy machines with tons of electronic stuff) cause I have my good old Toyota 😉

4.What has been you favorite blog post?

Of my own – none, my babies are all equal 😉 I enjoyed writing every single one of them.

5.Who has been your inspiration?

Primarily my grandmother – she was always creating things. My memory is a little bit fuzzy on that cause I can’t remember any actual project, but I know she always had a crafty project with her on her visits. Other than that there are a lot of inspirational people on the net – Etty van Urk – the Cake Duchess – my cake modelling muse or Ester from It’s all in a Nutshell with her great youtube channel that makes crocheting really easy.

6.What is your favorite food?

I love strawberries and anything strawberry related. As a kid I always wanted a strawberry cake for my birthday and was always disappointed as they are not ripe in March yet. I grow some on my balcony garden and even though they are still not ripe in March, I love picking them right from the greens like we did as kids. Pure bliss ….

7.When do you blog?

I prepare my blog posts every Sunday – latest in the evening but mostly in the afternoon. I actually tried for some time to be ready earlier but I just never finish my projects in time ;). As a full time worker crafty joy has to be done in the evenings and on weekends only. Therefore I decided to publish regularly Monday morning my time zone (GMT+1).

8.Did your mother sew?

A long long time ago when I was very little, my mother did sew and knit (she actually finished one of my school projects because I hated knitting so much). Sadly she became very sick and lost her creative drive during her illness.

9.What makes a perfectly SWEET day at your house?

Staying long in bed, having a nice breakfast on my balcony with my hubby and then settling down with some project watching our favorite series.

10.What advice would you give to future sewer/bloggers?

Start with what you love and never give up. If something does not work out – and believe me it will, no matter if it’s sewing or blogging – just shake it off and continue. Get inspired by other people’s blogs – not only for projects but also how they set up their blogs. But most of all: enjoy the journey!

Now to the hardest part but the one I enjoyed most. I had not taken much time yet to check out other blogs even though I added my own to Bloglovin. I was so busy setting up my own and creating stuff to share. Also it might have been some serious subconscious self rescuing scheme that just didn’t want me to take a too close look at other gorgeous projects, so to not adding more to the ever growing pile of might-be-s 😉

Now after some relax time with a nice cup of coffee I present you some treasures that really should be on your regular reading list. So – drumroll – those are my nominees:

  • Lovemade Handmade: Oh what lovely pictures you can find on that blog – not only are the projects gorgeous but you can learn a lot about professional photography there. I’m always a lazy daisy concerning pictures as I am always late for my weekly postings – but one day I want to have time to shoot such pics too….
  • The Messy Brunette: So many different projects here – from crochet to upcycling to embroidery. Creativity at it’s best!
  • My Crafty Musings: Crochet inspirations in every post – all lovely bright and colourful.
  • Catherine’s Crochet Corner: That blog is such an inspiration for me – not only for color choices but this ring binder cover idea went right on my must-really-have list of future projects. And everyone knows her gorgeous Demelza blanket, don’t you?
  • Susanblog: this blog is written by a – in my opinion – very strong and creative woman. Not loosing hope in her situation and still producing such great projects (check out her beautiful fusion quilt <3), shows a strong spirit.

For the guideline of the award check out this link here.

And here are my questions to you, my dear nominees – looking forward to reading your answers soon!

  1. Cat person or dog person?
  2. If you had only time for one more project – which one would you choose?
  3. What craft would you love to learn but did not have had time to try?
  4. Of all the projects you have ever created which on is your favorite?
  5. Travelling is my passion – what passion other than crafting to you have?
  6. You are stranded on a lonely island with only 5 items – which are your absolutely must haves you could not live without?
  7. As a bookworm myself I have to ask – what’s the best book which everyone should have read?
  8. What’s your favorite color?
  9. What is the most important thing you would tell a newbie in your favorite craft?
  10. How many UFOs are currently in your to do basket?

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    1. Actually it might be even more – I still am in the process of adding them to Goodreads but this is a tedious process. As soon as I have entered some, I already bought lots more 😛


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