Summer Feeling and more Wacky Weave

Spring was left out again this year and temperature went from cold to hot. Therefore I finally decided to clean up my balcony and start with gardening again. First I threw out all plants that did not survive the harsh winter. Sadly most of my strawberries did not make it – only one tough little plant survived hidden in the rosmary. My cherry tree is doing fine again – at least 6 cherries will be on the tree ๐Ÿ˜‚. Maybe one day I will have enough cherries for some cherry jam but this year will definitely not be it. Rasberries and blackberries are growing well too. I also moved my lemongrass outside as it is warm enough for it to survive there. Additionally I added three different types of mint, some basil, lavendula, new strawberries, two different kind of tomatoes and enough flowers to attract bees and other useful bugs. I also try my hand on a little orange tree this year. We celebrated our new little balcony garden this weekend by having breakfast and diner outside. It’s so nice sitting in the sun and enjoying a beautiful, colourful view.

Additionally to gardening I had to thoroughly clean my appartment as I did only the minimum the last couple of weekends. Therefore I was not able to finish as many squares of my Wacky Weave CAL as I would have liked to. Also I am struggling with square number four – it just does not seem to work out and each time I start again, I get a different outcome. But I will not give up and will figure it out eventually for sure.

About survival, new squares and sharing the beading bug

img_0725How come that weeks are passing by so quickly? It seems that as soon as I have published one blog entry, it is already weekend again. I am lucky that the Wacky Weave CAL is actually pretty fast to whip up – otherwise I would not have much to show again. I actually was able to almost catch up. I finished two squares of week 1 and 2 and have one and a half squares finished of week 3. I calculated however with the size of the squares and figured out that I’ll probably need 4 squares of each design to cover my hubby with the finished blanket. This will mean more yarn shopping as this yarn is used up pretty fast.

img_0720Next I went shopping with my friend amigurumi_craze for a basic set of beads. When I made a pendant for her last Christmas, she told me that she would like to try that out herself. The hardest thing was to figure out which pattern to use with the beads we bought – of course I did not do that beforehand :). We went with a design by Victorya Antipova – the Metalic Sunshine. It is an easy to follow Youtube video that really works up pretty! Didn’t my friend do well? I love her color choice <3!


And last but not least I did run with my team in the Vienna City Relay Marathon. My part was the 9k and it started out pretty well. People were nice as usual and spirits were high. And then the sun hit me – it actually was 28 degrees with no wind and running without shade felt like hell. I survived however and did not do too badly: about 1h 17min with a 8:22 pace was pretty good compared to my training runs before. Our team made it in 5:08h which is only slightly slower than last year where we were shivering in 12 degrees windy wet weather… Maybe next year will finally be a comfortable run ๐Ÿ™‚


Wacky Weave CAL and first yarn making

This week was again pretty busy. As next weekend I will be participating in the Vienna City Relay Marathon, it was trainig time again. Not only did I run 8k with my training buddy who is also part of my team. I also been hiking about 9k uphill (to 1260m!) for a friend’s birthday party. It was pretty intense but also much fun. We were lucky that we had really nice weather and the view was amazing up there! Of course I also had to go downhill the same distance the next day which was way more fun ;).

Not much on the creative side though. But I got squishy mail again for my hubby’s blanket. We found now the ideal design for him – the Wacky Weave CAL by Hilda Steyn – and he picked his yarn (“soft and fluffy”) and colours. The CAL calls for some special cotton yarn that is difficult to find in Europe and I just didn’t want to use regular cotton yarn as the blanket would be way too heavy. Therefore our choice is Sirdar Snuggly Baby Bamboo which is super soft and not so heavy. I love how easy it is to work with. Wacky Weave is a CAL with Interlocking Crochet squares – something I have never done before. It’s actually a technique how to weave two colours together so that front and back look different. So with a nice back the blanket will be fully reversable!

Last but not least I spent some time at the Long Night of Science that took place in Vienna last Friday. I read that the museum of nature had some representatives for their citizen science projects there. I hoped that the lady who studies ancient tablet weaving techniques was there and I was not disappointed. As she was busy when we arrived, we spend some time learning how to twist yarn with a hand spindle in the meantime. It was fun even though the lady showing us was a little bit too forceful when correcting. I like it more to try it out myself than to have my fingers moved by someone else. We got the yarn we did afterwards and even though it’s a little bit uneaven, I will keep it as a lucky charm. Afterwards we had a long chat with Mag. Dr. Karina Grรถmer on the faszinating science of experimental archeology and finding out how textiles where created, dyed and woven in previous times. I loved her enthusiastic way of talking and you could really see that not only is she an expert in her field but also that she loves what she does. I now know that, if I start tablet weaving and want to try myself on some hallstatt designs, I am more than welcome to share my project and any insights with her.

Some excuses and some more Jacaranda

Another week has past and I have not made much progress. My excuse for this week is my training for the Vienna City Relay Marathon where I will be running the 9k part. I did not succeed in running all through winter as it was cold and slippery and I just don’t like running the treadmill. So I need to practice to gain distance again – with success I would say as I did almost 9k this week and am still alive :). So I guess I will survive the race too two weeks from now.

Another excuse is me going to the cinemas again – this time watching “Ready Player One”. I read some critiques that stated the story too flat but I actually liked it a lot. Maybe you have to be a gamer to understand this movie and to sypathise with the main characters.

And my third and final excuse is my Yoga training which I now will continue on a weekly basis as I really gain so much from it. Relaxing, freeing my mind from all the troubles at work, strength and flexibility and a lot of fun. This weeks session however was pretty intense and left me with some sore muscles. But also the feeling that my flexibility has increased so much over the last couple of weeks. And I was even able to balance on one foot without falling all over!

I was able to continue a little bit with my Jacaranda however. It’s still too small to cover the pillow completely so I might really end up with doing the whole CAL. Never thought it would actually take a blanket to cover a pillow. I love the corner parts of this design so much – they look much prettier when stretched a little bit though. And can you see the butterflies on the edges? Aren’t those lovely too? When I took the picture I thought that I had finished part 5 and sat down afterwards to continue with part 6. Then I realized that I missed out on one row ๐Ÿ˜‚. Well that was back to part 5 again but the updated pictures will have to wait for next week. And I can tell you one thing – part 6 started out amazing again!

A necklace finished and Jacaranda Update

I am a little bit late, I know – but I took a day off and with the Easter holidays I wanted to spend a couple of very relaxing days. I was able to finish my PWAT necklace after what felt like ages. I really love the technique but 45 cm take a really long time. I had a huge struggle with the ending and adding the magnetic claps but love how it worked out in the end. I plan on doing some Russian leaf earrings with a similar look but have not started them yet. Not sure if I will also do a bracelet to create a set though.

I decided to continue my Jacaranda instead. It was laying around now for quite a while and the CAL is almost finished. I finalized part 3 and – having fun again with it – continued with part 4. Love the corners and how it is squared of. It also fits perfectly with the pillow I want to put it on. Not sure how many parts I will need to finish it but I will keep on going. So watch out for an update soon!