Summer in the city

It’s really hot here at the moment. Almost every day it’s 35 degrees which makes crafting really tedious. My crochet hook is sticky in my hands and even cleaning them over and over again does not help much. I know that we were all complaining about the cold in winter and should be happy about warm weather but I really prefer a temperature up to 28 degrees. I was able to finish my summer scarf nevertheless. I am still not happy with the color scheme of this bobbel – don’t know why I actually bought it as it is way out of my confort zone. I love the green and gray but the orange is just so not me. I can’t even blame the heat as it was much cooler when I bought it. I had hoped that it might grow on me during making but even finished just I can’t see myself wearing it. So I need to find someone who would be happy wearing it and gift it to her.

After that I comtinued on my diamond painting picture and might be able to finish soon. As well look forward to some more jewellery next week!

Foxes and Summer Scarves

img_0773Sorry to all readers for not posting anything last week. I was so busy that I just did not find time to write anything to the pictures I had taken and pictures alone are just half the fun. So here are now the pictures together with some ramblings of mine…

I continued my diamond painting picture and the first fox is finally finished. The mirrored second at least got some decent legs but needs some more work still until it also gets a cute little face. It’s quite strange that this work that is quite tedious on my back, can be so much fun. I just can’t seem to quit even tough my back starts to feel quite painful after some time. I will taking a break after that one however before starting another one – I still have two more that are even bigger than the foxes.


As well my crojo is finally back. But that does not mean that I actually continue working on my WIPs – no way, I just started another one. It all began when I read about the Grinda MAL by LillaBjörn’s Crochet World. I am a huge fan of her designs and of course I fell in love with this one right from the start. However this shawl needs approximately 1200m of yarn and a search through my stash just revealed several bobbels of about 1000m. As well my hubby wanted me to go for the gray-white-black version posted on her blog. So I decided to actually – guess what … yeah, buy some more yarn! But… the Sheepjes Whirlette used for that color combination are not fully available yet and I have to wait and watch everyone else posting beautiful pictures of their project.  However, as I searched my yarn stash I stumbled over this bobbel that I just didn’t quite knew what to do with. I am not sure why I bought it as it is way out of my comfort zone regarding colors. So it was laying next to me begging me to come up with something and so I decided to just whip up a quick summer scarf with it. The pattern I found in a crochet journal and it is just perfect for this yarn. It will look much better in the pictures when it is blocked – can’t wait for it to be finished!

Diamonds are a girls best friend

At the moment I am in a phase where I just cannot make myself work on something really crafty.  I have three crochet projects in progress but every time after work I just am too tired to pick them up. I have at least two beading projects I have bought beads for and I really would love to make but every time I think of starting them, I do not have enough energy to actually do it. Who knows me in person knows that I ALWAYS have something in progress – even when chatting with friends. I cannot hold still and need my hands busy all the time. Now I find myself sitting watching TV and NOT doing anything – and it does not feel good.


So this Sunday I treated myself to sleeping long hours and to making the best breakfast for me and my hubby.  Waffles made in the oven with Greek yogurt, berries and a drizzle of caramel syrup. The recipe is actually not mine – I grabbed it out of the internet from Zimt und Kuchenliebe and it is the best waffles recipe ever! Really! Easy to make – the dough is whipped up in less than 10 minutes and backed in only 15 more – with not too much sweetness so that you can add whatever you like to suit your sweet tongue.


In the meantime I also started something new – I just cannot do nothing at all the whole week. I wanted to try diamond painting for quite some time as it is kind of cross stitching with little stones. I was not sure how good the quality of the final picture would be but I just jumped in and ordered some kits. The intention was to put them up on the doors of several rooms in my apartment cause I do not like the plain white doors. The kits finally arrived last week and the first task was to actually check, if all the little stones where delivered. This was tedious work as I picked larger kit sizes (the bigger the pic the better the effect of the pixels) and the little diamonds came in very small packages. Of course I had to try it out – and I just cannot quit any more. It’s addictive to see it grow – even though progress is slow as I just work on it for a short time each day. Quality is pretty good and I love the effect of the diamond pixels coming together – you can really see the little fox by now. Isn’t he cute?

Flower doily and vacation planning

img_0767This week was not very creative: I am currently spending my time finalizing my vacation planning. We will be traveling to New Zealand soon and I am already pretty excited about it. The route is planned fully and now I just need to make sure that we have somewhere to sleep. And of course ask my friend Google where to find good yarn stores on the North island….

In the little time left I started a flowery doily. I have not crocheted with thread for quite some time now and it was weird working with the small crochet hook again. The thread also cuts much more into my finger, the one I use for an even tension. I just finished before it drew blood. Sadly it is still on the blocking board, so please don’t be mad at me for the bad picture. It will be a nice addition to my round dinner table, so as soon as it is try I will shoot a better one.