I am back

Well, it’s been quite some time since my last post. Life has been a little bit like a rollercoaster and the blog got a little bit too much to handle at that time. But now I am back and promise to fill you in with news now and again 🙂

It all started out when my husband and I decided to follow one of our oldest hobbies – standard and latin dancing – again in spring 2019. We had trained up to gold star level 20 years ago and lost the drive after due to not having a dancing class offered closer to where we lived at that time. Now we started again and we were having so much fun dancing at least 2 times a week and taking the exams for bronze and silver (which we never had the guts to do before) – until Corona forced us to stop. It took away a lot of our spare time though, so my other hobbies got a little bit time limited.

However that doesn’t mean that I was not busy crafting too. I just did not have much time posting. I did a lot of beading, crocheting and I even picked up brush and paints again for some miniature painting. I tried myself on micro macrame jewelry too and am quite happy about that first result.

Now with everything still quite restricted (no cinema yet, no going out with friends for a nice chat over some cocktails, …) and with a lot of home office and little to nothing daily activity, my hubby and I decided to pull out another of my long lost hobbies: Hiking. When I was a kid my father did a lot of hiking and we kids were forced to be part of it. I partly loved and hated it. I learned a lot from my father about plants and animals that way and how to navigate and survive in the “wild”. We even sneaked in those little visits to the local wine taverns now and again without my mother knowing – she would have disapproved heavily wasting money there but it was always our little secret. Maybe the reason why I picked up hiking again is also that my father passed away in December last year and I keep thinking a lot about him and the fun we had together. So be warned: starting from now you will also read quite a lot about hiking trips around Austria here 🙂

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