Etherfields – The dream begins

At the beginning of this year I somehow got hooked on Kickstarter projects related to innovative new board game concepts (especially co-op) and great miniatures. So no wonder that, when I first stumbled over Etherfields and their amazing miniature concepts, I just needed to back them. Everything just screamed “shut up and take my money” to me. Over the whole campaign it became obvious that not only were they planning to produce some insanely amazing minis but also a great game with some twists and mind boggling riddles. We even had to solve riddles to unlock content for the campaign – amazing customer interaction!

Now last week I got my first wave shipping delivered to my doorsteps. Thanks to our second Corona lockdown I was at home and did not have to pick up that 17kg (!) heavy package myself.

My hubby and I spend 2 1/2 hours sorting through the stuff, checking that everything was delivered correctly and sleeved all the cards (except the very secret ones that you just open during the game). And then I was off priming some of the minis of the Creatures of Etherfields box to paint them as soon as possible. The amount of detail on the minis is just INSANE! They are such a joy to paint even though some concepts really make my head spin – but you know, it’s a dream, so also some nightmarish creatures will roam the game board.

So now you might count me out for the next two years – I have tons of minis to paint (especially with the expansions and the alternative Creatures of Etherfields still coming with Wave 2) and more than 300 hours to play. Work or household chores are highly overrated anyways 😛

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