Happy New Year – Looking back and forward

It’s this time of the year again where you realize that another year is over. That time when you look back on what you did last year and make some resolutions for the next one. So no wonder that I also did some statistics…

2017 definitely was a year for crocheting. I finished one knitted project but 11 crochet project this year. I finished most of my new projects and only created only a couple of WIPs. I collected tons of new patterns, so I am hard pressed to decide in the new year what to work on next. I created three cakes and only baked three times more – most of it at the end of the year. I missed my reading goal of 25 books by four but still happy with the books I have finished this year. I learned three new crafts – bead weaving, needle tatting and kumihimo – about which I have not written yet as almost all of them ended up as Christmas presents and I didn’t want to give away the surprise. Overall when seeing all my projects together I think it was a very poductive year (though I just realized that I missed three projects in my pics …).

Now it’s time to focus on 365 new possibilities. This year I really want to focus a little bit more on sewing again. I have several projects that have been waiting for a year now and I am eager to getting started on them. Of course I still want to finish my crochet WIPs – my Spirits of the Orchid that is coming along nicely and my mosaic shawl that has been waiting for new yarn. I also would like to experiment a little bit combining my arts – crochet and stitching, beading and tatting, sewing and crochet … there is no end to creativity. Also I would love to start with bobbin lace making – just need to get the preparations tackled. And my beading frency is also not over yet. I have tons of patterns I’d love to make for myself.

I wish everyone a Happy New Year – may all your wishes come true, your crafting ressources never be empty and new ideas always at ready. Keep on crafting!

Book review: The Library at Mount Char

As I am currently working on things that I am not able to show you just yet, I start a new post series on one of my favourite subjects: books…..


  • written by:  Scott Hawkins
  • ISBN: 978-0-553-41862-0
  • published by: Broadway Books
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Fantasy, Horror
  • Rating: 5/5
  • German version: –


Carolyn is a little bit odd – but still less odd than the others she is living with in the Invisible Library. They have been living there since they were little after a catastrophy nearly wiped out the whole area. Only a couple of kids were safed by Father and trained by him to become experts in their field. Like Carolyn in languages or Michael in animals as well as fields like war for David or death for Margaret. Hardly anybody would know about the Library and get in contact with them, so social competence has definitely not been on their list of studies. But then Father disappears and they are all locked out of the library by a very destructive barrier. The weird group is on their own now struggling to find out what happened to Father and how to get back inside the library. And there is Steve, a guy with a black spot in his past, who struggles hard to be a good guy – which is not easy when he meets Carolyn. Or Erwin, a war veteran and cop who does not always play to the rules and just knows that something fishy is going on – and Carolyn is involved in it somehow.

My opinion:

First thing you need to know is that I usually don’t do horror – I just don’t because I am such a scardy cat that I can’t sleep for weeks afterwards. I picked this book up in the fantasy section of my favourite book store. I read the plot on the back and found it interesting – definitely not mainstream fantasy. When I started reading – there on the beach in Filitheyo Island – it was like “Hell, what? Really? What have I gotten myself into? How can someone even think of writing that”. It’s hard to understand without having read it but I just could not put this book down: it’s weird – a lot – and gross – in a lot of chapters – but it is written so well and the story evolves in so many unsuspected jumps and leaps that it’s a fascinating read. I just needed to know what happened to Father and how everything fits together. Kudos to the author for coming up with such an unespected gemstone which is definitely not for the feable hearted or for kids.




Drinking coffee with Genevieve Cogman

Everyone that knows me in person, knows that I am a total book nerd. Even though I have already a rough count of 800 books – not to count the digital ones – I am always on the look out for something new.  I blame my mother for my passion for books as she gave me books to shut me up when she needed some quiet time.  However it’s not easy to find good quality fantasy books that are not plain copies of the same old plot: Good vs. Evil – and the good always wins. Worse are stories with dwarfs, elves and other magical creatures that so call out Tolkien-write off that I just can’t even try to read them.

IMG_0459Recently I stumbled over a new face on the block – so to say. The story of a heroine (yes, these are rare creatures) who even was a librarian. What better can a book worm such as I wish for. Of course the library was not a simple library but quite a magical one and the librarian was not a plain simple working woman either. It’s fantasy after all. And therefore it has a good amount of magic, romance and the fight between Good and Evil too – though it’s not always easy to see who’s who.

I have the habit to stalk authors that I love to read on Goodreads – if they are there and active. So first thing after finishing the first book, I added Genevieve Cogman to my favourites list. I also try to follow on what those authors blog but it’s hard to fully keep up to date with all of them. However I was lucky to read her latest blog entry recently and skimmed over the comments of other readers too. She was talking about a trip she planned and someone commented something about Australia. I was like “Oh, yeah sure – Australia, what else. None are ever coming to this tiny little country called Austria”. I really hate it when authors come over whatever ocean to Germany or other big European countries and never ever consider that there might be a fanbase in Austria too. But than Genevieve Cogman corrected that she actually planned to visit Austria and not Australia. I almost dropped off my seat in surprise and had to restrain myself not to hop up and down lest the people in the subway would have wondered about this crazy woman. I thought I might give it a try and ask if there was a possibility of getting some books signed – and guess what: even though it was her vacation (it really was not even a business trip as an author!), she agreed on meeting in a small coffee bookshop.

IMG_0460When I went there I was so nervous – I had never met an author before and feared that she might be enoyed of fans bugging her. I got my friend who got hooked on the books recently  too and my husband who has read and enjoyed the books to accompany me, so I had a solid base of support. However I could throw my fears overboard really soon – Genevieve Cogman is such a nice and great person! We had a great chat about her inspirations (she is an avid book and comic reader as well as a roleplayer), her future projects (yes there will be more about Irene and her companions) and her other hobbies (she does beading and knitting – how cool is that!). She gave us 1 1/2 hours of her precious private time – and we gave her some insider tips on what to see in Vienna. I hope she found everything she was looking for and enjoyed the rest of her stay afterwards. I for my part need a new set of her books to read now because those three are too precious to read in the train on my way to work. As well I might need to put them in a safe now – seems like she is sending Irene to steal some books here soon and I won’t make it easy for her :P.

Thanks Genevieve Cogman – you are fabulous!