Last Wacky square, a bracelet and partying all day (and night)

This week was a little bit more on the party rather than the creative side. It was Pride week again which means lots of music and fun outside. On Saturday my sister came over and we had a lot of fun together checking out small street markets all around Vienna. There was the Prosi exotic food festival (we checked that one out on Friday already), the StrassenKunstFest (little stalls where creative people sold DIY jewellery and other handmade stuff), the Mexican food festival (very tiny and with less music than expected), the Joya Yoga convention and open house at a couple of art studios (very interesting pieces of art – and some really strange ones).  The climax was the Pride parade on Saturday afternoon which was as colourful and fun as every year. Afterwards we decided to also go to an after-parade party which actually was more fun then I had expected. I am not that much the party girl especially with strangers but the atmosphere was cool, open and very relaxing.


So that’s the reason why I was not able to do much on the creative side. I finished the last squares of the Wacky Weave CAL though, so I am through with one set of squares. Now I will continue with the second set but will not bug you with pics until the joining and border phase. I have been practicing Micro Macramé jewellery making a little bit but am not happy with the waxed cord I have bought for that. So I will be trying out different cords and hopefully will have something to share next week.


Additionally I made a small bracelet for my sister. It looks quite simple with twisted rows of beads but it was the reason for some of my gray hair :). That twisting made me miss some beads when joining together and therefore I had to remake it once after having it almost finished. But there was no way I would give away something with a fault in it… But even though I had some struggles, it was fun to bead again. I really need to do some more soon.




Wacky Weave (again), Crewel embroidery sampler and Running for Acceptance

img_0758This weeks square looks quite elegant. My husband and I usually play the “which side do you like better” game. But honestly, this time I can’t make up my mind which one I like best. At the moment I am working on the final set of squares – quite a melancholic situation as usual. Yes, I still need to make another set of two each but now I know each square by heart already and it will not be a surprise every week any more. I will really need to focus on doing them and not leave them for now being led astray by other projects. But it will be very hard as it is really hot here and such things as joining a whole blanket are terribly hot work.


After finishing my squares I started to prepare the canvas for my crewel embroidery sampler. I hand sewed the edge with variegated embroidery thread to prevent fraying and to ensure that I am able to pick up the sampler for reference later. I started with a simple lazy daisy stitch but not sure where I will be heading from that now. It’s like doodling on canvas and I am not very good at doodling at all. I rather prefer following a certain layout but I want to step out of the comfort zone with this sampler.

CaptureLast but not least on Saturday I participated in the final run before the summer race break.  It was the first Vienna Pride Run – Run for Acceptance. For me it was not only a race but also running to support a movement I strongly believe in. The right for everyone to love whoever you want no matter of gender. It was a very small race – only about 2000 people participated – and only half as crazy as I had expected it. It was well organitzed though – even better than most of the bigger ones. Running went really well this time, even though it was pretty hot: 5k in 39:39 which makes a pace of 7:54. I am so happy to finally be at a pace below 8:00 again – I know, only barely but who cares ;). Now it’s back to practicing again to ensure that this pace was not seen only once. As well, I need to keep up my distance training for next years 10k runs. After the race is always also before the race. The next races will be in autumn, so until then you will not be bugged by race reports again 🙂

Of Wacky Weaves, tatting bookmarks and espresso tarts

First of all I want to apologize for a bug on my blog – someone pointed out that my cookie banner does not go away if you click on close and accept. This is actually a WordPress bug in the banner since they made changes due to the GDPR. I cannot do much about it myself and Bloggers using the free version are usually last in service, so I have to be patient. I could remove the personalized version and go back to the default one – which of course would not link to my own privacy policy – but I rather wait a little bit more, hoping they will fix the bug soon.


I have another Wacky Weave square to share though and I love the psychedelic look of it. Now only two more are left which makes me a little bit sad actually. When I work that long on a project, I get a little bit sentimental in the end…. I still have not started on the second set and my blocking board is really getting crowded. I have no clue of how to join them yet either. The suggested simple join does not call out to me and any fancy lacy style is just not wacky. If anyone has a good idea, drop me a line in the comments – I would be happy to check out any suggestions!


img_0753In between squares there’s always some time for smaller projects. This time it is a tatted bookmark which I made from the book “New tatting”  by Tomoko Morimoto. I messed up a little bit at the first flower as I forgot to join to the second one. But I was already to far ahead to unravel again and decided to join them afterwards – not very neat but practical. It just was a practice peace for shuttle tatting anyways. It needs some blogging but I was too busy this weekend to get this done before writing here and I just didn’t want to postpone showing it to next week. The book in the back is actually my newest find and passion – it’s “Crewel Creatures” by Hazel Blomkamp. I really want to make this beauty – Maureen, the Owl – but I need to learn crewel embroidery first. So I cleaned out my embroidery thread this weekend and sorted it, so that I can start a stitch practice piece soon.




Last but not least I was busy preparing for a friends birthday party. This is always a good possibility to do some baking without having to eat the whole bunch of calories myself. As she is a chocolate lover (yes, she is the same one I made the Death by Chocolate cake last year ;)), it was an espresso tart this time. A cocoa crust, a mascarpone filling and a super delicious espresso ganache on top. It was gone almost immediately so I guess people liked it :). The recipe – taken out of Martha Stewart’s “Pies and Tarts” – needs some tweaking in my opinion though as the crust was kind of difficult to handle. It definitely did not come out as nice as shown in the book – especially on the sides.

Still more Wacky Weave and another race

Are you tired of reading about my Wacky Weave CAL already? Well, rest assured – we only have a couple of squares left until we are supposed to join and add the border. I still have to do the squares a second time but I guess I will not bore you with pictures of them again 🙂 This weeks square was very symmetrical. I love the effect of it as it adds some dynamic feeling. In the picture they look a little bit too much like a rectangle.

On Sunday I participated in another race – the 31st Asics Woman’s Run. I actually was not keen on participating this year as there are about 33.000 women running that day and I really don’t like such huge crowds. But than my running buddy signed up and quite insistent begged me not to leave her running alone…. We signed up for the 10k as the number of runners is not that big as for the 5k. It was pretty hot this year again but I was able to stay mostly in the shade which made it quite nice to run. I am happy with the result as it is better than my training runs even though I was 2min slower than last year. Now I need to continue training so that next year I have the change to beat my personal best.

GDPR: super hero or nemesis? – a Privacy Policy add-on

When I started blogging a couple of years ago – first on blogspot, then here on WordPress – I was probably acting like any other hobby blogger out in the world wide web. Happily playing around with themes, setting up a nice little universe with the hobby I wanted to share with the world and being happy about any person that actually found it worthy to follow my blog. Over the last 1 1/2 years my little universe has grown a little bit more and more – still very small, still a hobby, still with cherishing any existing and new follower. Then all of a sudden the hammer came crashing down in the form of a new EU regulation – the GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation that we all need to comply with starting from the 25th of May. What first sounded like a really good idea to protect any natural person from misuse of their private data, soon turned out to become a hobby blogger’s nightmare. I guess I am not the only one that spent endless hours of reading and trying to make sense of what actually is expected from us. The requirements sound easy until you actually try to figure out what actions to take. I am able to understand basic law texts but I have not studied law and EU regulations are written really really difficult. Actually even lawyers are a little bit unsure how this should be handled. I never considered that having followers or even only blog readers might be a data protection issue. However after digging deep into the topic, I can tell you: The digital world stores a lot of data we are actually not even aware of – even when you are only a hobby blogger wanting to share your passion.

Therefore I have set up a site with my Privacy Policy that you – follower as well as only reader – need to check out. I ensure you that I will handle all data that is ever given to me by you personally or stored by the system with strict confidentially. I myself would not like to have someone give away my data, so I will apply the some ethics to my own actions. I still hope that you will continue to follow and read my blog – I would be really crushed if the small little world with all the fellow bloggers – some of which I already count as friends – would break down….

Wacky Weave 8 and an old project finished

This weeks Wacky Weave square was again my most favourite one. It was so fast to make and so much fun watching the pattern appear. One other participant said that one side looks like little bats and now I just can’t unsee my flock of little bats 🦇. I still need the second set of squares done – maybe I’ll start with them soon before the whole set of blocks has been released.

This Sunday I had a friend come over for a Westworld season one marathon. Now that season two has started we decided that it was more than time to watch season one. It has been in my movie library for quite some time and I never watched it. We successfully conquered the whole season and I can tell you: I love that serie! Of course I was not lazy while watching and picked up an old project that was ducked away for quite a while now. Remember the Spirits of the Orchid wrap? Well the yarn bundle came with the add on pattern, a metal hoop and enough yarn for a mandala dreamcatcher. I kind of messed up the first time and had therefore put it aside – but it was a perfect project now. I added some details – some peacock feathers designed by TheCurioCraftsRoom and some pearls for the sparkle. Don’t look to closely at the window – I definitely need to clean them but I wanted to put the dreamcatcher up right away. I love how it looks when the sun shines through the window. Sadly that sun makes it impossible to shoot a decend picture, so I can’t show you how it shines and sparkles.

Wacky catch up, shuttle tatting and the hunt for Mister Y

I did some mayor catching up on my Wacky Weave CAL and have now from all squares released two of a kind. The last one – number 7 – really was fun to make. It was very easy as it is mostly two separate squares only woven together after several rows. I did put all my squares on to the blocking board now as they are slightly rectangle and this will give them time to square up. Now only four more squares until I have them all and need to start thinking on layout, joining and border. I still have some time though as I will be making each square again twice for a serious cuddle beneath hubby blanket.

After catching up I actually had some time to start something totally different. I have been needle tatting on and of but have not been too happy with it. There are so many lovely tatting patterns out there that are only written for shuttle tatting. Of course some can be translated to needle tatting but some just cannot be changed. My friend had tried to switch to the shuttle recently and actually told me it was easy. So I just gave it a go. Using the book “new tatting” by Tomoko Morimoto the start was really simple. The book seriously has the best instructions I have ever seen. If you want to start with shuttle tatting, this book is a must. Well, I really got hooked on shuttle tatting after getting used to the different way of holding the thread and making the movements. There will be some more tatting projects pretty soon for sure.

My hubby and I love to solve riddles and so it does not come as a surprise that we were all ears when reading about a mystery hunt hosted by the local public transportation system. A hunt for Mister Y who has send a mysterious coded message to them. Such things are real fun: hints are given on signs on the public transportation system – in buses, the subway and street cars. Some hints point to the district the searched for mysterious object to solve the riddle can be found, some to the object itself and some to locations around the object. So my hubby and I spend Saturday on a hunt for hints and where very successful. It was fun also to watch the confused looks of people when we just hopped on a bus, made a picture of the clue and rushed of before the bus left. Guess not everyone knew what was going on. We believe we found the mysterious object though in the end – however now we need to figure out how to use this object on the key. We still have some time until the mystery hunt is over – we will solve that riddle!