Summer Feeling and more Wacky Weave

Spring was left out again this year and temperature went from cold to hot. Therefore I finally decided to clean up my balcony and start with gardening again. First I threw out all plants that did not survive the harsh winter. Sadly most of my strawberries did not make it – only one tough little plant survived hidden in the rosmary. My cherry tree is doing fine again – at least 6 cherries will be on the tree 😂. Maybe one day I will have enough cherries for some cherry jam but this year will definitely not be it. Rasberries and blackberries are growing well too. I also moved my lemongrass outside as it is warm enough for it to survive there. Additionally I added three different types of mint, some basil, lavendula, new strawberries, two different kind of tomatoes and enough flowers to attract bees and other useful bugs. I also try my hand on a little orange tree this year. We celebrated our new little balcony garden this weekend by having breakfast and diner outside. It’s so nice sitting in the sun and enjoying a beautiful, colourful view.

Additionally to gardening I had to thoroughly clean my appartment as I did only the minimum the last couple of weekends. Therefore I was not able to finish as many squares of my Wacky Weave CAL as I would have liked to. Also I am struggling with square number four – it just does not seem to work out and each time I start again, I get a different outcome. But I will not give up and will figure it out eventually for sure.