Vacation apologies and new spirit

I want to apologize to my readers for not posting the last couple of weeks. I actually wanted to set up everything, so that during my vacation I would be able to release new blog posts while traveling to the other side of the world (literally).But then spirits were low and I just could not make myself craft anything – too much heat and too much stress added up to me actually sitting after work not doing anything at all. Even my hubby realized that something was terribly wrong as I only do not craft when I am feeling really really bad….

But vacation gave me the long needed break and the refocus on what I love. Travelling with my hubby and seeing beautiful places is definitely on top of this list. We spent three totally cool weeks in New Zealand traveling slowly around the north island. It was great not to be too rushed, so that we could take in beautiful scenery and a bunch of totally amazing people. I definitely fell in love with Kiwis who are so friendly and open-minded – even the staff at the airport (security and bio diversity) are laughing, friendly and having a good time. Below are just a bunch of impressions – I still have to sort out 2000 pics from my hubby and myself. I will write a little bit more over the next weeks and will pep up my posts with some stories from our trip.

Of course I could not come back from New Zealand without at least a little bit of something to craft. I was stupid enough to plan Napier on a Sunday so that I could not shop at the only yarn store I could convince my hubby to plan into our trip. But I found a nice little shop in Auckland that sold beautiful New Zealand-ish bookmarks and fat quarters. However I was not able to put the whole store into my luggage, but I know I will be coming back anyway, so next time I’ll just plan accordingly.

This Saturday I could also convince my hubby to visit the local baking and crafting show – which actually was very disappointing. I always envy people from other countries like US, UK or even Germany because there craft shows are big and beautiful and totally devastating on your budget. Here it was just terribly small and hardly anything worth looking at – until my hubby pointed out the nice little display of Wolloase multicoloured yarn bobbels. He even got quite into a frenzy pointing out one bobbel he liked after another. He definitely is a keeper ;). So we ended up with three bobbels and a hand full of beading stuff and this wife went home pretty happy.

With spirit high again I have now huge plans for the next months: one of this bobbels will become a Grinda Shawl, I will participate in the Havana CAL and I still need to finish my hubbies blanket before it gets really cold. As well I start thinking about Christmas presents – not sure what those will be this year. And a friend had a baby shortly before my vacation and I am thinking of whipping up a baby blanket for her too. So look forward to a lot of new projects on this blog soon.

Merry Christmas!

I want to wish all my readers enjoyful and merry Christmas days!

The week before Christmas have been quite stressful for me as I was hard pressured to finish all my presents. I was successful however, so I am able to distribute most of them this week when I meet with my friends. So in the next weeks I can now really show you what I have been up to the last weeks.

This post however I want to dedicate to my husband because he is the best that could have ever happen to me. Not only does he have to cope with all my crafting bugs and whims, material hoards and shopping frencies – which by the way he really does well – no he is also very very much supportive. This year he came up with the idea of a crafty advent calender – 24 little presents of craft patterns for my new hobby and of course also crochet. He really has a great taste – there was not one that I would not have picked myself. I enjoyed so much opening up every window and now have tons of work to do 😂.

He is also responsible for creating new crafting bugs though – I blame that on him as two years ago he presented me with a whole set of materials for bobbin lace making. Now this year he heard me talking about the historical art of tablet weaving. I was fascinated that they are even looking for volunteers at the museum of nature who want to recreate old patterns from historical findings. Now guess what was lying under the Christmas tree this year….

Isn’t he the best husband ever?!? How much I love historical art forms and wanted to try my hands on that one but had restrained myself from adding a new hobby to my already huge list 😍. However, even though I am itching to get starting to weave, actually bobbin lace making is on my learning list for next year…..