Happy New Year – Looking back and forward

It’s this time of the year again where you realize that another year is over. That time when you look back on what you did last year and make some resolutions for the next one. So no wonder that I also did some statistics…

2017 definitely was a year for crocheting. I finished one knitted project but 11 crochet project this year. I finished most of my new projects and only created only a couple of WIPs. I collected tons of new patterns, so I am hard pressed to decide in the new year what to work on next. I created three cakes and only baked three times more – most of it at the end of the year. I missed my reading goal of 25 books by four but still happy with the books I have finished this year. I learned three new crafts – bead weaving, needle tatting and kumihimo – about which I have not written yet as almost all of them ended up as Christmas presents and I didn’t want to give away the surprise. Overall when seeing all my projects together I think it was a very poductive year (though I just realized that I missed three projects in my pics …).

Now it’s time to focus on 365 new possibilities. This year I really want to focus a little bit more on sewing again. I have several projects that have been waiting for a year now and I am eager to getting started on them. Of course I still want to finish my crochet WIPs – my Spirits of the Orchid that is coming along nicely and my mosaic shawl that has been waiting for new yarn. I also would like to experiment a little bit combining my arts – crochet and stitching, beading and tatting, sewing and crochet … there is no end to creativity. Also I would love to start with bobbin lace making – just need to get the preparations tackled. And my beading frency is also not over yet. I have tons of patterns I’d love to make for myself.

I wish everyone a Happy New Year – may all your wishes come true, your crafting ressources never be empty and new ideas always at ready. Keep on crafting!


One sock, two socks – red socks, blue socks

What happens if a woman has leftover yarn in her to do basket? Of course she has tons of ideas what to do with it, doesn’t she? Well, not quite …

I have knitted a scarf for my hubby last year – with a yarn he himself picked and which I myself probably would not have chosen. It’s really soft, warm and cozy for sure – but it’s so colourful! It’s Dream-Lace Nr. 186 from Pro Lana (75% Wool, 25% Polyamid). I had a little bit less than two balls of yarn left – definitely not enough for a shawl or anything else big.

I then remembered that I have bought a book on crochet socks some time ago and set out to find it. I have to say that I recently cleaned up the place where my creativity happens most of the time – but however much I looked, I was not able to find this one booklet. I am still wondering, were I put it….


I found a booklet on knitted socks though. You have to know that I really don’t like to knit socks. The one time I tried it, the result was – well let’s say – mildly catastrophic. Starting – no problem. Ending – easy peasy. But in between there’s this terrible thing called “the heel”. I totally messed that up last time, which is usually the reason I throw things into the next corner, furiously vowing never ever to do it again.

So I opened the booklet, skipped through the pages and put it back again. Checked some more for the crochet socks, came back to the knitted socks, put them back again. Repeat the last two sentences several times in order to anticipate my struggle. I even went back to the living room once to consider starting something totally different. But this balls of yarn kept bugging me and begging me to be worked with.

Well, in the end I gave in – picked up the booklet, picked a pattern and started while watching Amazon Prime series. We are now almost through season 2 of Witches of East End now. Need to find myself some new series to watch now. When the heel came into view, I read the instructions on creating a heel with shortened rows. Sounded easy enough.  And guess what – was easy enough in the end too!

So here they are now – my shiny new self-knitted socks with heels! They are probably not something I will be wearing out in the open, but they are nice and warm inside some boots – really big boots ;)img_0174