Hoppy Easter!

pattern by lalylala

It’s this time of the year again, when young ones go outside in order to search for bright and colourful eggs and sweets. I become sentimental every year as I remember how eager I was watching my mother each easter when I was a kid in order to catch her hiding our sweets in the garden. I was never successful though – it must have been some mother-superpower.

This year however I caught something – it was hopping past my window and was looking to hide some bright eggs in my living room. It had a fluffy tail,  some really long ears and a wiggly nose. I gave it a carrot and it dropped some chocolate eggs as an exchange.

IMG_0280Additionally I was working on the next two squares of my Nuts about Roses blanket. The second design was Spiro Star by the fabulous designer Helen Shrimpton. This pattern really looks so beautiful when finished but it has some nice challenge in it. I will never be a fan of a triple treble that’s for sure. I was uncertain until now about my color choice – especially that really bright pink is usually so not me. But I love how it all comes together. I think that it really depends on how you arrange the squares next to each other to make it work. I can’t wait to have all squares finished so that I can arrange them.

IMG_0286The third one was called Denna by designer Polly Plum.  This one is currently my absolut favourite design. Not only do my colors work perfectly together in these squares, they were also easy and fun to make.  But every time I see those squares now, I have this song line creeping into my head – x-ses and o-s ……

Now I have to wait again until Thursday for the next pattern to be released. In the meantime I’ll finish the next parts of Hygge and there might be some time again to work on my Sophie.

Until then – happy hoppy easter everyone!


Spring is in the air

Spring is the season I love most – colors are brightening and everywhere you see new life appearing. Each year, when the weather gets warmer and the sun comes out to play, I feel my spirit rising and find much more power to do my projects.

So it’s also no wonder that in spring I am prone to finding new projects I want to start. And sad to say, it seems that this year I have become a CALoholic. As you all know for the Hygge shawl I joined the corresponding Facebook group. All of a sudden there popped up a posting about the Nuts about Squares CAL that’s supposed to start end of March. The minute I saw the pictures I was lost. So terribly beautiful – I really struggled hard not to join. But then I made the biggest mistake EVER! I joined the corresponding CAL-Facebook-Group. It’s actually only partly related to the CAL – it’s more like a group of creative crochet crazies which have a lot of fun together sharing their newest finished projects. I was so DOOMED! It’s like you tangle the drug right in front of the drug addict saying “come and get it”. 100 million new ideas! So no wonder I ordered a kit for Nuts about Squares – I just couldn’t help it. Okay, okay, I actually ordered two – one with the suggested color scheme Earth and one of my own making. IMG_0253In order to soothe my conscience afterwards I finished one of my WIP projects. You might remember the project amigurumi_craze and I where working on during our interview? It was half finished until now as I worked on other stuff in the meantime. It took me less than 2 hours to finish it and I am happy with the result. It’s Titus from lalylala’s spring minis. I so love this designer and I will definitely also do Bjoern and Carla soon.

I got distracted however by this crazy new group and after seeing all those really gorgeous Mandala Madnesses and Sophie’s Universes I wanted to do something similar. But maybe not that big and time consuming. However I am in love with mandala crochet and I asked Dr. Google who burped up really a lot. I probably now have mandala designs ready for the next millennium 🙂 I picked a really simple one – I wanted something soothing and relaxing, not another challenge. It’s a free design by Arne & Carlos and can be found on the website of the yarn manufacturer Schachenmayr. It was nice working on something simple for a moment and I love how the colors brighten everything. I use it as cover of an old pillow for my balcony garden. I’d love to sit outside as soon as it gets warm …


Spot on: amigurumi_craze

Welcome to my first “Spot on” – interviews and stories of people that are amazingly creative! There will be designers, crafters, innovators, dealers, backers, miniature painting heroes and many, many more – people that you really should keep an eye on.

I am lucky to know amigurumi_craze in person and even fear I am an ezzy-bizzy tiny bit responsible for her amigurumi craziness. Okay, maybe not that tiny…. I am always so impressed by how fast she is creating her critters. She really has a hand for adding those tiny little special details that fit perfectly and make each amigurumi something totally unique. And she is always finding the perfect shooting scenery for her woolly friends.

So spotlight on! I proudly present you – amigurumi_craze!

So tell us, when did you first learn to crochet? 

Actually, back in school. Or we were supposed to learn it, at least. I used to bring everything back home to my mom, who then kindly finished the unwanted job.
But, since you always seem to meet twice in life, along came a good friend and gave me an amigurumi snail, and I loved it at first sight and wanted to create my own. Fun aside, actually it was all your fault, really. You gave me the snail, and next came a crochet set for an oven cloth for Xmas – and I have been hooked ever since.

What is the number one reason that you crochet?

I read a quote recently: I crochet not to kill anybody 😊 It actually calmes me, helps me relax after a hard day at the office, plus I love that you create something.

img_0204What are your preferred projects?

My preferred projects are still amigurumi, even though I try the odd granny square bag or blanket once in a while. I like small projects, though, a big one would have me bored easily.

Do you have a favorite designer?

I love all the amigurumi creations by Miss Hook and lalylala. They have a lot of personality in my mind, and every piece teaches you some new trick.

img_0202Which of your projects are you most proud of?

I love all my amigurumi children of course 😊 but since I have to pick one, it would be Alpen Resi by Miss Hook. She was the first more complex Amigurumi I made, and I love how she turned out.

What would you love to learn concerning crochet that you have not had time for yet?

Well, I still cast a dreamy eye upon crochet clothing, pullovers or tops. But I am a little scared of the measurements plus I am worried to get bored before finished.

What is the most important thing you would tell a crochet-newbie?

To just crochet along. Take it stitch by stitch, even though the pattern might be confusing at first. Never give up!

How many UFOs are currently in your to do basket?

What a torturous question. Let’s see…half a cotton granny square blanket, a Marilyn Monroe amigurumi without legs, a Miss Hook amigurumi with legs but no upper body, the simply crochet pick’n mix CAL blanket and – thanks to you my dear – the lalylala spring bird we just started… so this makes 5 UFOs. I really try to avoid them but they just keep popping up…too many projects, too little time…

Is there any other creative spark in you life?

I love everything creative, I used to draw, paint, make clay figures, I love make-up art and nail-art. But at the moment I stick to my one love – the crochet hook 😊

Where can we sneak in and take a look at your projects?

Best to visit me on Instagram – as Amigurumi_craze.

Thanks very much, amigurumi_craze, for sharing your story! Want to know what amigurumi_craze was working on while being interviewed? Check out her accounts for the amazing results!

Want to be in the spotlight and share your story, too? Drop me a line and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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