Havana CAL and getting ready for painting

The Havana CAL is keeping me pretty occupied at the moment. With the increase in size it is really not so easy to fall behind too much. I finished part 1 in the middle of the week and now still need one more repeat of part 2 before heading to the next pattern. I love the colour transition and how the pattern transforms between parts though. Today I saw a preview of Tinna’s new pattern from her testers and I really need to do that too. Probably not a blanket but there was one cool idea of a table runner with that design.

Additionally I finally cleaned up my miniature painting area. It is getting cooler now, so it’s the perfect time to do some serious painting again. The table however is some kind of different universe where a black hole seems to dump all the crazy stuff. Usually whenever I want to paint, I am not able to do so without getting rid of all the chaos first. So this time I hope I will be able to fend of entropy long enough to finish some long runner projects.

My running practice is coming along well too. I have been practicing with my hubby this week as my running buddy was ill and this gave me some serious push. My hubby is much faster than I am but even though he was holding back really good, I was able to slightly increase my average speed and still be able to chat with him. I don’t even have sore muscles after my long runs at the moment. I think that if I am able to continue my practice that way, I might seriously hit some personal bests in the races this and next year.

51 Shades of Grey

When I was much younger – yes, that was quite some time ago – I loved to play games like Heroquest. To stroll through a dungeon with your heroes – be it fighter, mage, rogue or elf. Slaying orcs and goblins and other badies. Coming out in the end dead or alive – that took quite some amount of my spare time. Luckily I have found a husband who also liked to join me in my adventures – in the end it is always more fun if you actually have a living opponent :).

So I was more than happy when last year Games Workshop published a new and shiny version of Warhammer Quest, a game similar to Heroquest but with Games Workshop miniatures. Games Workshop boxes are never cheap but on the other hand the company has increased the quality of their miniatures over the years considerably. The details are amazing and their designers create stunning new creatures every year.

So when I saw Warhammer Quest Silver Tower in the shop and after having read several reviews which were very positive overall, it just joined our board game hoard (which actually is not as big as that of one of our friends but this is another story and should be told another day).

img_0165It’s always fun to open boxes – you never know what you gonna find. But this time there was not a very bright future shown to me when I opened the box. Do you know what it looks like to see 51 miniatures all in bits and pieces? No? Take a look ….

Discouraging, isn’t it? Well, you might say, I brought that on to myself and you are right. So no time for moping around. Push up your sleeves and get to work! It took me one evening and a considerably amount of the weekend to put them all together. But then, finally, my army was ready to fight – and so were the bad guys too. Well, they were mostly ready, as I left attaching the bases for later. I just want to have certain freedom in base creation. Silver Tower is a two player board game – so if you are lucky to know where another board game geek lives or if you can force someone to play with you in order to get some dinner, you could start to play right after assembly.

But of course it’s only half the fun. The second half is painting the miniatures with as much intricate design as possible. Especially if you want to brag with them on the internet. But only if you do not get totally ashamed of your work after taking a peek at some really amazingly crazy artistic paint jobs like this Chaos Warrior or this Gaunt Summoner.

So I will be starting with the most annoying work of all soon – priming. This means painting all figures with a thin layer of black primer to which further layers of paint stick more easily. So in case I play at night with my lights turned off, this little fellows will be well hidden and can easily sneak in and out of the dungeon 😛