Sophie meets Nuts about Roses

IMG_0259This week was really busy. It all started with preparing my happy crafty space on my balcony. I cleaned it up and set up a bunch of nice new flowers which will look lovely as soon as they bloom. Of course my balcony is also providing some fruit and veggies – I love to harvest them every year. Now I will have strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, cherries and tomatos to look forward to. Now I can sit in the sun and watch everything grow while I enjoy working on my projects.

IMG_0263As Hygge usually does not take all time every week I started another project in between. It’s Sophie’s Universe – a pattern I fell in love with when seeing all those gorgeous finished projects on facebook. I just wanted to look if I could do it, so I didn’t want to buy new yarn. I found a long forgotten stash of old yarn – so old that it is actually discontinued – and decided that it would do for practicing. I only have two colours but I like how it works out. The whool actually has a little sparkle which doesn’t show in the picture and is super soft. I hope that I have enough yarn for a suitable size but at the moment I still have a lot left.

On Friday it then happened – the Nuts about Squares CAL started! My friends Amigurumi_crazeiiim and I got together in real life and had fun with the first square while chatting and sipping a lot of prosecco. Maybe the later was the reason why we actually didn’t get far with our square that evening. I finished mine this weekend – I just needed to see if my colour choice for Nuts about Roses worked out. I am a little concerned with the heavy usage of the bright pink in the third square but I’ll wait and see how it all looks in the end.


On Saturday I was in for something totally different but nevertheless so creative that I really need to share it with you. My hubby has gifted me with VIP tickets for the currently presented Cirque de Solei show Amaluna. He knows that I love Cirque de Solei since the first time I have seen it and really tries to get tickets every time it comes to town. I so ❤️ him for that. This year the seats where so perfect – right in front of the stage and next to the aisle where the artist passed by (and overhead 😍). The show was so fantastic – the story, the costumes, the music ..  and the artists were so amazing, I could not stop smiling in awe the whole time. But the best situation was when in the end the artists received a standing ovation. In the minute they realized that people started to stand up, their faces lit up so much and there was this special sparkle in their eyes – this was one of those tears-in-my-eyes moments, as I was so happy for them too. That’s exactly why we are creating things – do make  others happy. And to see that you actually achieved that and that others value your work – that’s the greatest moment in the whole creative process.