Wacky Weave 8 and an old project finished

This weeks Wacky Weave square was again my most favourite one. It was so fast to make and so much fun watching the pattern appear. One other participant said that one side looks like little bats and now I just can’t unsee my flock of little bats 🦇. I still need the second set of squares done – maybe I’ll start with them soon before the whole set of blocks has been released.

This Sunday I had a friend come over for a Westworld season one marathon. Now that season two has started we decided that it was more than time to watch season one. It has been in my movie library for quite some time and I never watched it. We successfully conquered the whole season and I can tell you: I love that serie! Of course I was not lazy while watching and picked up an old project that was ducked away for quite a while now. Remember the Spirits of the Orchid wrap? Well the yarn bundle came with the add on pattern, a metal hoop and enough yarn for a mandala dreamcatcher. I kind of messed up the first time and had therefore put it aside – but it was a perfect project now. I added some details – some peacock feathers designed by TheCurioCraftsRoom and some pearls for the sparkle. Don’t look to closely at the window – I definitely need to clean them but I wanted to put the dreamcatcher up right away. I love how it looks when the sun shines through the window. Sadly that sun makes it impossible to shoot a decend picture, so I can’t show you how it shines and sparkles.

Spirits finished and a little beading in between

This week I was really busy and it paid in regards of my January plans. First of all I finished preparing my bullet note journal and it helps me already a lot in bringing order to my daily chaos.

temp-2Then I was working hard in finishing my Spirits of the Orchid and was finally successful – even though the border rows took one hour each! I switched the final round to crab stitch rather than single crochet as in my opinion it makes a more stable finish. I don’t want my edges all floppy. I really love the final look – many thanks to Tasiana Kupryianchyk from LillaBjörn’s Crochet World for this gorgeous design. Rather than the Hygge wrap that came out too stiff and small for using it confortably, my Spirits of the Orchid it big enoug to snuggle into. Now the only thing I need is some spring weather so I can use it. We currently have another bout of winter though with snow showers.




temp-1As usual, finishing a project leaves a feeling of lost purpose. So I had to find something quick to keep me occupied while watching Stranger Things on Netflix. I had been shopping at one of our biggest shopping malls last Saturday for boxes so that I can clean up my storage room. I stumbled over some gorgeous little swarovski bicones I don’t know yet what to do with but also a diy kit for a memory wire bracelet. I had just the right colours, so I needed to give it a go. I had never done wirework before and this was an easy start. Just stringing and making a loop at each end with some round nose pliers. Well let’s say I need a lot more practice – making a loop is not as easy as it sounds. I like the look anyway, even if it’s not perfect.

Spirits of the Orchid – continued

img_0555I am awfully sorry for being late with my post today. Yesterday I spent the afternoon cheering on my running buddy at the Vienna Christmas Run and we got home late (we had some warm-up drinks and nice Mexican food afterwards to celebrate her successful run). Then I started working on the last Christmas present and was so focused that I totally forgot the time. It’s still not Christmas yet so I just can’t give you a sneak peek of the projects even though I just can’t wait to show. I can however give you an update on my Spirits of the Orchid CAL that I have been working on last week. Part two was mosaic crochet – a technique I really enjoyed a lot. It took me a couple of rows to get the hang of reading the chart. But as soon as I got it, it was so simple with a stunning final result. I really was sceptical about the colours in the beginning – some I would not have picked myself – but they come together so nicely.

img_0556I continued with part three – four extra squares with overlay crochet. I was a little bit concerned when I read that they should be blocked when finished. As I was not home I did not have any possibility to block and definitely no equipment. Though I wondered for a second if I might be able to borrow some needles from the hotel staff…. When I finished however the squares where almost the size needed – actually slightly bigger but nothing that cannot be fixed with an overall blocking. So I just joined them right away. No risk, no fun 😛 What you can easily see in the picture though is my new nemesis. Because I forgot to take my wool needle with me and ended up leaving all the tails to be woven in for later. I did yarn over most but still want to weave them in a little bit more so that they don’t come undone. Honestly I am a little happy that I really need to finish my Christmas presents because weaving in so many tails is just not fun at all.

Relax and crochet

Each year my hubby and I spend some days in Tyrolia to relax in the hot springs. This year we are lucky to be there when the weather is really cold and the mountains surrounding the pools are covered in snow. That’s the best weather to relax in the warm water while enjoying the gorgeous view. These couple of days are for getting into the Christmas spirit and slow down a little from the rush to finish all presents.

Relaxing also means that I am able to work on something other than my Christmas presents – I would not be able to take all the stuff needed for those with me. I have finished already three presents and even handed over two so I felt confident that I can work on something for myself for a while. Remember that box of squishiness that came while I was working on my Ross Poldark? The one for my Spirits of the Orchid wrap? While probably every other participant of the CAL has almost finished theirs I had postphoned starting it myself – until now. Those nice little balls of yarn are perfect for taking with you wherever you are going. People looked a little bit strangely at me though at the pool. Until now I have finished part one but I had to take the picture earlier in order to have sufficient light. I really love the yarn – it’s so soft snd drapes gorgeously. This actually is just what I had wished for for my Hygge.

FAL progress – Ross Poldark

C48FE79B-7705-46CD-818B-B54DF7BA4042After cleaning up my craft space last time I really found my crojo again that got lost a little during my vacation. Also seeing my current WIPs all displayed like that made me realize that finishing them was not an unreachable goal. With only one project in my project basket again I set off to work on finishing the first one – my Ross Poldark blanket. I was actually surprised by myself – never before have I progressed so much in only one week before. I had week 4–7 still to work on – with tedious 8 squares in week 4, four rectangles in week 5 and the central big square.

E776B464-97CF-4B59-AF46-94F70D467AACI had one square of week 4 finished before my vacation and now worked the missing 7 squares in paralell. This works really great with repeating patterns as you don‘t have to read the pattern over and over again. I did week 5 once in total to get a feeling for the pattern but did all three others the same way again. Those rectangles need some serious blocking though.

I even started with the central square and got already pretty far. So hopfully next week with a public holiday coming up I am able to finish this project. Just in time for the cold season – my hubby might need his blanket pretty soon.

48C5818B-F7C5-4D55-8CEA-7FD6189C09E1There‘s also one reason why I want my WIPs finished: I got squishy mail this week! I was lucky for doing home office on Friday when the postman came. It‘s the current running Spirits of Life CAL by the amazing designer Lilla Björn. I always wanted to give one of her patterns a go – they are quite challenging even for a long time crocheter like me. I will learn C2C and her gorgeous mosaic stitch for this project. Isn‘t that something to look forward too – and the yarn is so soft and squishy *sighs happily*. But I am not allowed to start something new until something is finished ….